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Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service

Maine Trapping

Today’s fur market is not what is was back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Fur is still in demand and large catches can be made in any area due to the lack of competition from other trappers and the resulting increased population densities.

Maine Fur TrappingTrapping is an American heritage and is also an invaluable wildlife management tool. Modern trapping equipment has changed through time and is now more user-friendly to man, as well as being more humane toward animals. Whether you trap for a hobby or for supplemental income, this sport can be addictive. Once you get started it’s hard to stop.

Our week-long trapping adventure will be packed full of valuable hands-on information which will cover getting permissions, set locations and trap placement, as well as equipment sets for fox, coyote, raccoon, mink, otter, muskrat, bobcat, black-bear, beaver, fisher, and skunk. You will be setting and tending your own traps, as well as pelting and preparing your furs for market.

Maine Martin TrappingWhat you can learn in one week through Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service could take you months or years to learn on your own. Whether your goal is to outsmart a local fox or beaver, we can help you to become a better trapper.

After a week-long course with us, you will be more successful by improving your technique and you will gain a better understanding of the behavior and habitat of the animals you pursue.



Requirements for this course: