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Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service

Maine Small Game Hunting

Hare, Grouse, Woodcock and Squrrel Hunting


This part of Western Maine offers endless opportunities to the outdoorsperson. The habitat here is second to none when you are pursuing small game such as snowshoe-hare, grouse, woodcock and grey squirrel. If you are looking to clean some dust off that old shotgun and get out in the fresh air for a fun-filled weekend or vacation, then grab your youngster or friend and give us a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Crow hunting is another great way to get outdoors for some fast action during the times when other seasons are closed. The farmers will love you. Bring a lot of shells! American Crow

Test your skills on the eastern coyote. We offer hunts over bait and by calling. Either method is both exciting and satisfying.