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Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service

Maine Moose Hunting

Trophy Moose Hunting in Northern and Western Maine


Truly a magnificent animal, the moose is the largest member of the deer family. A fully mature bull will tip the scales at 900 to 1200 pounds field dressed………. Once thought to be as easy as shooting a cow in a pasture, moose and moose hunting in Maine has changed drastically.

Years ago, riding the seemingly endless paper company roads until you spot a giant bull feeding in a small bog just off the road was the common method used to bag a moose. This has become a thing of the past. As with any wild game you pursue, pre-scouting is the key.

Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service can eliminate unproductive areas before you arrive in order to increase your chance of a successful moose hunt.

We primarily hunt WMD zone 8. Click for map.

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