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Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service

2017 Hunting & Lodging Rates

Lodging Rates

$39 per person/per night

*Different rates for lodging apply for November. Call for details

Hunting Rates

Bear Hunting

Over Bait~$1600 per person/per week

3-Day Over Bait~$800 per person

With Hounds~$2000 per person/per week

Trapping~$2000 per person/per week

All bear hunts include meals, lodging, transportation, & trophy care.

Coyote Night Hunting/Over Bait

December 15th through end of April

$225 per person/per day includes meals, lodging, and transportation.

$800 per person/per week

$300 per person/day with dogs - includes bait hunting at night

Rabbit Hunting with Hounds

October 1st through March 31st

$225 per person/per day includes meals, lodging and transportation.

Moose Hunting

$2500 2 people/1 week

Primarily hunting in Zone 8.

Deer Hunting

Archery, Rifle, Muzzleloader

Guided~$1500 per person/per week. Includes meals, lodging, transportation, & trophy care

Semi-Guided~$1000 per person/per week. Includes meals, lodging, tree stands, & knowledge of proven areas.

Unguided~$600 per person/per week Includes meals and lodging.

"week" is Sunday to Sunday.

Prices subject to change per accommodation.

Turkey Hunting

3 days $600 per person (1Bird) Additional Bird Blastin’ Bonus Tag $300 (Spring hunt)

Includes meals, lodging, transportation, & trophy care.

Payment/Reservation/Cancellation Policies

Hunting Package

50% deposit required at time of booking and full payment due 30 days prior to hunt.

Cancellations of hunting packages result in a forfeit of deposits or any monies paid in advance.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Lodging – Cabin Rentals

50% deposit required for lodging reservation.

No shows for lodging forfeit deposit and/or monies paid in advance.

Cancellations of lodging - 30 days prior to the lodging date, 50% of monies received may be refunded or transferred

toward future lodging (if lodging is available for the alternate date).


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